Chips&Media's Hardwired H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC Codec IP Complete

Chips&Media and Allegro co-announced that Chips&Media's H.264 codec IP solution had passed Allegro's test streams for both syntax and stress tests. Allegro's H.264 test streams have worldwide reputation in video industry as a professional video conformance test stream provider especially for H.264.

The completion of Chips&Media's H.264 codec against Allegro's syntax and test steams proves that Chips&Media's H.264 codec is fully functional and reliable in terms of H.264 standard specification. Currently Chips&Media's H.264 Baseline Profile codec is embedded in its multi-standard codecs including MPEG-4 Simple Profile codec, H.263 Profile 3 codec, VC-1 Main Profile decoder, and so on.

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