Xecure Message Service by TMNet and NSS

TM Net and its partner Network Security Solutions (NSS) announced the launch of its new breakthrough technology “TM Net Xecure Message Service” (TM Net XMS). This is the first mobile software in Malaysia and the world that enables end-to-end security and trust in mobile messaging. The launch was officiated by TM Net’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Lai with NSS’s Head Of Operations Anurana Saluja in attendance.

The result of the partnership signed between TM Net and NSS earlier this year, TM Net XMS is a mobile application that enables end-to-end security and trust in mobile messaging. It runs as an application on the mobile handset and works in the background to encrypt and decrypt messages. In addition to this, the XMS suite of products has additional security features such as data encryption on the handset and a remote data wipe function in case of loss or theft of mobiles. It is expected to be particularly suitable for individuals such as celebrities, enterprises and government agencies that demand a high level of information sharing security.

TM Net expects is expecting mobile driven commerce (m-commerce) to be a major revenue contributor with XMS. Lai indicated that TM Net would be actively exploring the possibility of integrating XMS technology with current payment transaction infrastructure, credit cards, debit cards and micro payments by the first quarter of 2006 to open up new business streams and workflows in m-commerce and m-payments.

XMS Mobile Version 1.0 supports Symbian version 6.1, 7.0, 7.0s and 8.0a and is compatible with Series 60 and UIQ phones. NSS will continue to roll out enhanced versions for Java (coming in the 1st Quarter of 2006), Palm OS, Windows, BREW and other operating systems which are compatible with GSM and CDMA services. Current TM Net XMS rates are RM10 per month for the mobile package and RM16 monthly for a twin package.

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