An Upgrade from "BitVice MPEG-2 Encoder" to MegaPEG.X

Digigami announced a competitive upgrade program for current owners of BitVice MPEG-2 Encoder for Macintosh.

With it's analysis tools, using the MegaPEG HDTV MPEG-2 encoder with BitVice provides users with the necessary analysis/feedback for demystifying the compression process. Conceptual jargon such as quantization, peak and average bitrate all are available as visual, easy to read charts and graphs in MegaPEG HDTV. The analysis tools included with MegaPEG HDTV work with MPEG-2 files produced by any software or hardware MPEG-2 encoder, including BitVice.

MegaPEG.X also adds many other practical features to BitVice, such as the ability to create MPEG audio and muxed CBR and VBR MPEG movies. Digigami MegaPEG Pro HD and MegaPEG HDTV are among the very few modern MPEG-2 encoders that can create high definition bitstreams which rival H.264 quality at similar bitrates.

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