FN's Network-Wide Real-Time Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Foundry Networks, Inc. announced a network-wide closed loop solution for network intrusion detection and prevention. The solution is built upon three key elements - sFlow, an industry standard for real-time traffic monitoring supported on Foundry's switch and router product lines, Foundry's IronView Network Manager and Snort, an open source industry standard for intrusion detection and prevention. The complete solution provides a powerful and cost-effective architecture for detecting, reporting and thwarting network attacks across the entire network infrastructure.

Snort is an industry leading network intrusion detection technology for monitoring network traffic in real time and detecting dangerous payloads and suspicious anomalies. Supporting a database of over 4, 900 attack signatures, Snort provides coverage against a wide range of attack types.

With IronView's sFlow preprocessor and advanced event management capabilities, sFlow data collected from the network is piped to the Snort engine, where attack vectors identified by Snort can be readily isolated and acted upon by IT network and security managers. This provides a fast resolution for network security, and immediately isolates users who may be in the process of attacking valuable resources and applications. Foundry's integrated architecture provides a scalable, network-wide intrusion detection and prevention system without the cost or performance penalties of external sensors.

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