Java-Based Customer Service and Support Applications 3.7

LiveTime Software announced the availability of LiveTime Help Desk version 3.7 and LiveTime Support Desk version 3.7. The introduction of project management, invoicing wizards, and knowledge management workflows, combined with significant performance enhancements make this a significant release for all users.

Projects allow complex sets of incidents to be managed via a single master entity. Each project consists of a collection of incidents that need to be individually managed and resolved before a project can be closed. A typical example is a new hire request, which can trigger a series of events such as a new email account, new workstation, training etc. This would present as a series of separate incidents to be completed by different teams before the project is completed. In addition, project templates can be defined to streamline the creation of these tasks in the future, so that each time a new staff member is hired, a project can be created instantly.

The process of raising and editing invoice items and contracts has also been streamlined through the use of wizards. Access to relevant service level agreements, items, incidents and purchase orders has been simplified with new navigational controls. Finance users also have access to an intuitive payment and delivery process, and incidents that are not covered by a valid maintenance contract are now clearly flagged in the system.

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