Cable Programming Pioneer Roger Werner Joins Narrowstep

Narrowstep announced Roger Werner has joined Narrowstep as a Special Advisor.

Mr Werner is one of a small group of cable industry pioneers who has designed, built and managed some of cable television's most successful networks. Most recently, he founded the Speedvision (now Fox's "Speed Channel") and Outdoor Life networks and served as their President and CEO from 1995-2001. Mr Werner developed these networks in partnership with investors, Cox, Comcast and ATT (MediaOne). Launched in December 1995, Speedvision and Outdoor Life achieved profitability as planned in 2001 on combined revenue of over $100 million.

In July of 2001, Mr Werner and his partners, Cox and ATT, concluded the sale of their network shareholdings to Fox and Comcast. This deal valued the two networks at $1.4 billion, making Speedvision and Outdoor Life two of the largest, most successful programming start-ups in cable television history.

Mr Werner will participate in developing and presenting business propositions based on internet television to leading media organizations in North America, working closely with the President of Narrowstep's American operations, Carolyn Wall.

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