Zola Mennenöh | I disappeared under the sea

Copenhagen/Cologne-based songwriter Zola Mennenöh released today new single and Music Video for the song "I disappeared under the sea" extract from her upcoming debut album "Longing for Belonging" to be released November 13, 2020 via Shahzad Ismaily's figureight records.
Known - and highly in demand - as a session musician in her native Germany and her adoptive second homes in Denmark and Norway, Zola Mennenöh is a singer, guitarist, flautist and sound artist of huge talent. She has toured the world over, specialising in jazz, improvisation and experimental & avant garde choral music, both as a performer and as composer. It is through this experience and years of honing that Longing for Belonging comes into existence.

Her debut solo album is a collection of delicate treasures: graceful, expressive and elegantly poised, exploring the great depth of her abilities as a musician and the cultured poetry of her lyrics.

Zola Mennenöh
Longing for Belonging

1. I came here to stay
2. I disappeared under the sea
3. A piece of peace
4. I will always be yours forever
5. Make things simple
6. Ancestral
7. Look for the blue hoodie! xx, M
8. Edinburgh

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