FYC - Béla Fleck, Yasmin Levy, Edmar Castaneda and 30 more join Sultans of String - World Music Album - REFUGE

"Refuge is a fantastic, moving, dreamlike,
epic, timely album."
- Ken Micallef (Jazz Times, Stereophile, Downbeat)

This year with Sultans of String we released the most important and timely album of our career, REFUGE.
13 songs that speak to the challenges facing the world's displaced peoples-their stories, their songs, their persistence and their humanity.

ARTIST: Sultans of String
CATEGORY: World Music Album

"Joined by an international cast, some of whom are recent immigrants to North America, the celebrated quintet immerses themselves in the plight of the international refugee on Refuge, and the humanitarian response that should greet everyone in search of a home.

The album's 13 songs include contributions from renown American banjoist Béla Fleck, Ladino star Yasmin Levy, Indigenous Elder Duke Redbird, Hungarian-Canadian keyboardist Robi Botos, Somali-American poet Ifrah Mansour, Greek-Canadian oud player Demetrios Petsalakis, Iraqi violinist Imad Al Taha, Iranian santur master, Edmar Castaneda from Colombia, and many more.

Refuge reflects its theme of working together for a common goal, the quintet recording with 30 amazing musicians who've come to North America as recent immigrants and refugees, each with exceptional talent and extraordinary stories. Like Imad, now living in Ohio, whose house was destroyed by a grenade because he played violin for the wrong faction in Iraq. Or Amir, whose wrist was broken by thugs in Iran for playing "illegal scales" on his instrument. Or Iraqi actor and singer, Ahmeh Moneka, unable to return home after receiving death threats for portraying a homosexual character in a film."


Béla Fleck - USA
Edmar Castaneda - COLOMBIA / USA
Ifrah Mansour - SOMALIA / USA
Imad Al Taha - IRAQ / USA
Yasmin Levy - ISRAEL

Gündem Yayli Grubu - TURKEY
Mehmet Akatay- TURKEY
Suat Suna - TURKEY

Ahmed Moneka - IRAQ / CAN
Amir Amiri - IRAN / CAN
Anh Phung – VIETNAM / CAN
Anwar Khurshid - PAKISTAN / CAN
Donné Roberts - MADAGASCAR / CAN
Demetrios Petsalakis - GREECE / CAN
Duke Redbird - OJIBWE ELDER / CAN
Fethi Nadjem - ALGERIA / CAN
Majd Sekkar - SYRIA / CAN
Marito Marques - PORTUGAL / CAN
Matias Recharte – PERU / CAN
Meg Contini - CAN
Michel DeQuevedo - MEXICO / CAN
Naghmeh Farahmand - IRAN / CAN
Ravi Naimpally– INDIA / CAN
Robi Botos - HUNGARY / CAN
Rosendo 'Chendy' Léon - CUBA / CAN
Sammy Figueroa - PUERTO RICO / USA
Selcuk Suna - TURKEY / CAN
Twin Flames - INDIGENOUS / CAN
Waleed Abdulhamid - SUDAN / CAN

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