Tamar Aphek | Show Me Your Pretty Side

Tamar Aphek is releasing today "Show Me Your Pretty Side", new single taken from her upcoming album "All Bets Are Off" to be released on January 29, 2021 via Exag' Records/KiII Rock Stars.
For Tamar Aphek, the reigning queen of Israel's rock scene, the memory of playing her first electric guitar remains unmistakable: "It was the feeling of holding a weapon."

To hear Aphek play is to hear that weapon unleashed. From her previous bands Carusella and Shoshana, to her current eponymous project, Tamar Aphek has risen to prominence in her home of Israel, toured across the United States and Europe, and sits poised to explode globally with her new record, "All Bets Are Off".

"Most of my songs reflect a quest to find an equilibrium between contrasts either love vs. hate in relationships, justice and injustice within society, war and peace between nations and so on. In my search to find some answers, I was inspired by the Nobel lecture of Martin Luther King (1964), who talked about the conflict between material and spiritual realms of human beings. My song is an inner dialogue between what I call the "good cop bad cop" which I believe exists in every person, so one person is asking his or her partner to take off the cover which conceals the pretty side."
Tamar Aphek

All Bets Are Off

1. Russian Winter
2. Show Me Your Pretty Side
3. All I Know
4. Drive
5. Too Much Information
6. Crossbow
7. Beautiful Confusion
8. Nothing Can Surprise Me
9. As Time Goes By

January 29, 2021

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