Submarine FM | Crawl

Submarine FM (FR), is releasing today "Crawl", second single from his upcoming album of the same name due November 20, 2020 via Slab Note.

Submarine FM sails. Above and under water. And even between both thanks to his periscope. Trained at the National School of Music in Villeurbanne (FR), he first started to play drums in the Jazz section. But the creative energy and do it yourself system that he discovers in the alternative world, the underground parties and sound system culture, lead him to sound experimentation using digital technologies as well as analogue and modular synthesizers.

Transversality characterizes his approach to music. Solo, his productions draw their influences as much from dub as from minimal techno or ambient. Big fan of harmonic writing based on repetition, melodies close to pop and textures of modular and analogue synthesizers, his live shows are an invitation to discover the depths of sound.

"Last year I had a good time discovering artists like Djrum, Flore, Throwing Snow, Objekt… Artists who are not afraid to break out of the usual dancefloor codes and labels" says Submarine FM. "It is with these inspirations in mind that I tried to follow in their footsteps with the track "Crawl", mixing in my production deep UK-style bass, techno rhythm, and melodic synths bordering on pop."

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