Beloved Jazz Musician And Mentor Diane Moser Faces Multiple Health Issues As She Recovers From Spinal Surgery

Diane Moser, a mainstay of the tri-state jazz community, has been hospitalized for the entire month of July following spinal surgery to repair compression fractures in three vertebrae.

The Montclair-based pianist, composer, bandleader and teacher is tentatively scheduled to be released from the hospital on August 1. However, it's going to be a while before Diane is back on her feet.

While recovering from surgery and undergoing physical therapy, she is also undergoing treatment for two forms of cancer: GIST (gastrointestinal stromal tumors) and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

Diane has lived with the rare GIST for more than a decade, managing it with daily oral chemotherapy medication. She was recently diagnosed with CLL, her treatment for the condition is evolving and currently includes frequent blood transfusions.

The GoFundMe campaign to support Diane during her recovery was established by the musician's longtime friend and colleague Miki Orr Hatcher. "Diane Moser is an extraordinarily talented and brilliant musician and composer, teacher, dear friend, loving mother, and committed community member, " Miki says.

She's known to be unfailingly supportive as a teacher, mentor, colleague and friend. Hatcher says, "During these difficult times, Diane's dedication to her son and family, her music, her colleagues and her students has remained powerfully strong. She is a force majeure among us. Now, unable to work, Diane needs to focus on her health so that her body can heal and she can continue to create and share her prodigious talents."

Over more than two decades Diane has built a cult following in the New York metropolitan area with her Composers Big Band, showcasing always-inspired works by band members and guest artists. Through the CBB, Moser has provided a platform for internationally acclaimed jazz icons (among them Jane Ira Bloom, Mark Dresser, Howard Johnson, Oliver Lake, and Michele Rosewoman), encouraged first-time big-band writers, and rekindled the musical flame in show-biz veterans. Diane Moser's Composers Big Band has been recognized multiple times in Downbeat's critics poll as a rising star big band.

It's no secret that Moser is also a creative powerhouse in small group settings, as well, whether fronting her long-running quintet and Birdsongs trio, or contributing to other ensembles.

Once Diane's interest is sparked you can count on her to be all-in. She's known as a force of nature, tirelessly investigating and researching topics from music and the arts to the environment and science, building and sharing her knowledge, and getting others involved through her enthusiasm.

At the time of the release of her 7th CD, the well-received Birdsongs, Diane Moser shared her thoughts about the music, which ring true now more than ever: "I wanted this recording to have a healing effect on those who listen, " Diane said. "Our world is overrun with all kinds of sounds that are not always good for your health, or mental and emotional well-being. I wanted this recording to be a respite from that, so that those who listen can feel relieved from their daily stress and feel refreshed and positive."

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