Jazz & Beyond Intel July-Aug. 2020 Gerald Clayton Swings & Surfs

Jazz & Beyond Intel:
Gerald Clayton Swings & Surfs; Archival Art; Blows Against the Empire

By Dan Ouellette
July/August 2020

Gerald Clayton Swings & Surfs
Recorded in April 2019, Happening: Live at the Village Vanguard showcases a compelling young artist (then 34) who is coming into his own as a pianist/composer/bandleader in the sacred Greenwich Village temple of jazz legends. Earlier in his career he was known both for his trio and as a member of the Clayton Brothers band founded by his father bassist John Clayton and uncle Jeff Clayton on saxophone. In addition, icon Charles Lloyd has enlisted his service in his bands and also in a duo setting. But today his star has risen higher as he leads a quintet comprised of two saxophonists (Logan Richardson on alto and Walter Smith III on tenor), bassist Joe Sanders and drummer Marcus Gilmore. "I love the sound of the double sax, " Gerald says in a coast-to-coast phone conversation. "It wasn't premediated. It just comes from loving these sax players who are my favorites."

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