Alex Skolnick, Tim Motzer, Percy Jones and Kenny Grohowski: MoonJune Sonic Shape Shifters Live Webcast Series     

Dear Friends In Music

A live event not to be missed

Alex Skolnick - guitars
Tim Motzer - guitars, bass guitar, electronics
Percy Jones - fretless bass guitar
Kenny Grohowski- drums


MoonJune Sonic Shape Shifters Live Webcast Series, and live recording: Saturday, August 15, 2020. 7pm sharp. But you will be able to watch and purchase the show at any time until August 22.

Tickets & Info:

*** $5 advance tickets / $8 day of the show > audio & video streaming.
*** $15 > audio & video streaming + rough mix mp3 audio download of the show.
*** $100 > all the above + signed CD + 24bit download + your name in the booklet. (Album will be released on MoonJune Records later this year.)

Four extraordinary musicians, and above all four extraordinary guys, will delight You with the spontaneous impromptu composed cosmic progressive music exploring and expanding boundaries of jazz, rock, magic, the unknown and anything in between and beyond.

Purchase your tickets with our great friends from the ShapeShifter Lab, Brooklyn, NYC:

Show your love for MoonJune Records and MoonJune associated artists.

I am celebrating 30 years of my life in New York City, arriving to the Big Apple on August 11, 1990 from Bari, Italy. Before the COVID my intention is to do a one-day-mini-festival at one of my favorite venues, the ShapeShifter Lab, located in Brooklyn. But plans have changed, and I decided to invite 4 friends for an evening of improvised music. I am pretty sure You will enjoy this great music event.
Tickets & Info:

All four musicians will be properly presented, and today is my good friend TIM MOTZER's turn. Tim is joining the MoonJune Universe for a series of collaboration, and collective projects, while he is still successfully and bravely running his excellent record label 1Krecordings.
Tim's MoonJune debut will be announced early next week, and that will be the collective project REUTER MOZTER GROHOWSKI, which performed at the ShapeShifter Lab, Brooklyn, last year, on August 18, and the show was professionally audio and video recorded, and became the 'Shapeshifters' album, in company of Markus Reuter and Kenny Grohowski.

You will receive in a few days a special newsletter about Tim Motzer, but for now I am inviting You to download for FREE Tim's sampler:

1k2020 Retrospective - curated by Tim Motzer

"It's been 20+ years of creating and releasing music at 1k Recordings, and what a beautiful journey it has been. What started as a label to release my solo work and collaborations blossomed beyond my wildest expectations. This specially curated 20-song collection is a look backwards, some songs decades old, some recent, some previously unreleased, both studio and live. It's a genre-spanning retrospective that serves as a portal for dreaming and for meditating on life's unanswered questions. From the wondrous Nucultures, to the propulsive Jazzheads from the ethereal musings of Channels with Swana, Motzer, Hirlinger to the improv power quartets/trios of Goldbug and Orion Tango ... from evocative collaborations with Fides Krucker and Ursula Rucker to the ruminative soundscapes of my own solo work it's all been a thrill. And stay tuned for much more music to come this year."

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