Euclid Records Open 24/7

Hello to our fellow jazz lovers. Crazy times, huh? We've all got a lot on our mind, but as we well know, it's music that soothes our souls. We're Euclid Records located in St. Louis and New Orleans. Although we've locked our doors, our mail order department will be working overtime bringing in an interesting mix of new and used records and CDs, both bargains and collectibles during this stressful time. We're here to help you with your collecting needs and to keep our stores afloat during these uncertain times.

—Euclid - Our website has our entire vinyl stock (over 80, 000
pieces) including one of the most comprehensive jazz selections in the

—eBay - We cater to jazz collectors and offer a fine selection of collectibles and bargains in excellent condition, not the overpriced flea market crap that eBay is flooded with.

—Discogs - We just purchased a wonderful collection of jazz, classical,
soundtracks and other genres from the late 50's-early 60's. These records
are all rarely if ever played, sleeved and frankly are impeccable. Lots of
collectible titles in like new condition.

—Amazon - This is where we list our out of print and collectible CDs with a
wide variety of interesting titles.

—Facebook - We'll be offering up special deals on bargain record and CDs
nearly everyday.

— We welcome special orders and we can search out out of print items too

—As always, we travel the globe (well, normally) to buy record and CD
collections. Keep us in mind in the future. We're always fair with our
offers with 39 years of references.

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