Internationally Celebrated Anoushka Shankar Releases Love Letters

Six-time Grammy Award-nominated sitarist, composer and producer Anoushka Shankar releases her debut Mercury KX EP, 'Love Letters', out on February 7th

'Love Letters' marks a different direction for the internationally celebrated artist; it offers a shift in intimacy and content and comes at a pivotal time in her career as she signs to her new record label, Mercury KX. Hailed by the Guardian as a "virtuoso sitar player", Anoushka truly pushes the boundaries of how the instrument is heard and perceived and "uses it as a vehicle for creativity" (Times).

Love Letters documents a time of profound flux for Anoushka: health issues, heartbreak, domestic upheaval "These were difficult times, which pushed me into some very vulnerable places. I've written from a personal place before, of course, but there was something particularly tender about the process this time, and it was a creative challenge to be brave enough to allow the music to remain as raw as it began" she says.

Writing and recording Love Letters has been an exercise in catharsis for Shankar, a "gentle, organic process" that saw her collaborating almost exclusively with female peers. During the toughest parts of that 2018-2019 period, Shankar found the practical and emotional support that her friends, fellow artists and performers offered became, quite naturally, artistic in nature.

Track 1 Bright Eyes (feat. Alev Lenz)
Track 2 Those Words (feat. Shilpa Rao & Ayanna Witter-Johnson)
Track 3 Lovable (feat. Ibeyi)
Track 4 Space (feat. Alev Lenz)
Track 5 Wallet (feat. Alev Lenz)
Track 6 In This Mouth (feat. Alev Lenz)

13 February Love Letters: Shanmukhananda Auditorium, Mumbai, India
14 February Love Letters: Siri Fort Auditorium, Delhi, India
7 April Gala Celebration of Ravi Shankar's 100th Birthday: Royal Festival Hall, London, UK
22 April Ravi Shankar Symphony: Royal Festival Hall, London, UK
01 May Konzertsalle im Kuturepalast, Dresden, Germany
16 May Ravi Shankar Centenary: Civic Hall, San Diego, US
19 May Ravi Shankar Centenary: Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, US
22 May Ravi Shankar Centenary: Symphony Hall, Chicago, US
29 May Ravi Shankar Centenary: Carnegie Hall, New York, US

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