ORIGINAL VINYL RECORDS Hits The Road Saturday November 9th 10am-4pm

Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary!


This Saturday November 9th, 2019

Firehouse #1
97 Parish Dr (@ Route 23 & 202S)
Wayne, NY
(north of the Route 46 & 80 interchange)
Rock - Jazz - Blues - Soul - R&B - Country - Pop - Dance - Rap - Disco - Soundtracks & MORE!

A year ago Jim Eigo, a super publicist who runs Jazz Promo Services, started Original Vinyl Records along with his wife Pam Eigo. "I'm an old record store lover who goes all the way back to the late 1960s/early '70s, working in retail. I love being around records, talking about records, and meeting people who love records."

Eigo's years of experience have resulted in his store having a warm and friendly atmosphere, a very wide selection of recordings, and a stock that features used and new Lps, CDs, 45s, 78s, DVDs, cassettes and even 8-tracks plus posters and memorabilia.

Original Vinyl Records (whose motto is "Where Old Records Go To Live") is located at 314 State Route 94 South #7, Warwick Crossing, Warwick, NY 10990-3380. It is open fulltime on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday while, on other days, it is open by appointment only. "If a dealer or a collector calls me for the other days and wants to spend time looking through the collection, we can work it out, " says Eigo.

The birth of the store occurred when Jim Eigo's son graduated from college and Jim's wife Pam said that he could stay in an office that was overflowing with Jim's records, posters and memorabilia. "I needed somewhere to put them, which led me to thinking of starting my own record store in the Hudson Valley. Right up the road was a little strip mall that had a store for rent. My wife thought that I was crazy but she had told me to put the records somewhere!"

Jim Eigo has had many years of experience with record stores including a long association with Happy Tunes Records where he ran the jazz department, had important positions at the Soho Music Gallery and J&R Music World, and co-founded the successful mail order business Daybreak Express. An enthusiastic supporter of all styles of jazz and music in general, Eigo was one of the early innovators in utilizing E-mails for marketing and has worked with a countless number of musicians, clubs and labels during his 20 years of running Jazz Promo Services.

He is quite enthusiastic about Original Vinyl Records. "We are building up our reputation and people are finding out about the store, which also sells recordings through mail order. Last spring we hosted a special series, Talking Vinyl, that featured such notables as Scott Wentzel from Mosaic Records, Tito Puente's biographer (Joe Conte) and Arnold Jay Smith giving informative talks about their experiences. It was all filmed and can be seen on our You Tube channel. We hope to have more special events in the future. The record store is a lot of work but it's also a lot of fun and customers enjoy the wide variety of music we sell, the prices, and the atmosphere."

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