Italy's DESCENT INTO MAELSTROM Launch Lyric Video for "Saturn"

After the launch of their second take on 'Dodecaphonic Metal' in the vein of Iconoclasm, Italian avantgardists DESCENT INTO MAELSTROM are releasing a lyric video for "Saturn."

"'Saturn' is one of the most intense songs of 'Iconoclasm', " says guitarist and singer Andrea Bignardi, and adds: "It has a lot of emotional content, because it's inspired by the painting of Francisco Goya "Saturn Devouring his Children" that has always caused me chills down my spine. We tried to give our personal interpretation of the feelings that we had watching this painting."

With Iconoclasm, DESCENT INTO MAELSTROM wanted to do something completely nonconformist, going beyond the rules and the "trends" of the modern metal and music industry in general. To do so, the band composed the tracks following rules of the Dodecaphonic music, finding some of their sonority in something else rather than other metal music or artists.

In Bignardi's own words: "We also wanted to do something particularly avant-garde and artistic, choosing a painting for each song. Doing so we wanted to give to whom will listen to this album another dimension and, we hope, a different kind of listening experience."

Iconoclasm is only the first step deeper into DESCENT INTO MAELSTROM's continuous search of new sonority, as the band's vision is to explore the "dodecaphonic" concept more on their future releases.

conoclasm track listing:

The Misanthrope
Red Gaze
The Grim
Forgotten Wisdom
Shade of the Night (feat. Andy Marchini)
The Portal of the Elsewhere

Andrea Bignardi - rhythm, lead guitar and vocals
Mattia Panunzio - rhythm and lead guitar
Pietro Buzzi - rhythm and lead guitar
Michele Castelnuovo - drums
Michele Augello - bass

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