"Choro Festival 2019 " November 13th - 8PM - Opera Center America

Brazilian Music Foundation is proud to present its
5th-Annual International Choro Festival in the City of New York . "Samba-Choro" with a lineup of very talented musicians and a variety of interesting performances.

Join us November 13th!

he Brazilian Music Foundation (BMF) Choro Collective is formed by selected talented musicians, composers and arrangers in choro music today. The BMF Choro basic ensemble instruments include acoustic guitar, flute, saxophone and the pandeiro, a typical percussion instrument from Brazil. The group features local and international musicians with special guests becoming a small orchestra, with more musicians playing instruments like piano, cavaquinho, the 7 string acoustic guitar, clarinet, among others. This year we are introducing the "Samba-Choro" featuring local musicians and musicians from other cities in the US.

Wednesday, November 13th, 2019
Doors open 7:30pm

at Opera Center America Marc A. Scorca Hall
330 Seventh Ave.
7th Floor - New York City, NY

About Choro

Brazilian Choro has roots jazz, and is considered Brazil's first "urban pop" music. There are over 30 different types of rhythms in Brazilian Music. By presenting the diversity of our rhythms, we hope to encourage diverse musicians, music students, adults, and children to engage in creating music with a dynamic communicative style that is energetic, fun, creative, and very inspiring!

Samba-Choro is a musical subgenre that emerged in the 1930s resulting from the fusion of rhythmic elements and the instrumental formation of samba with choro, both musical genres of Brazilian popular music

"Choro is considered a Brazilian cultural heritage".

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