Javva "Balance of Decay"

Everything is Noise streams today Javva's debut album "Balance of Decay" to be released October 11th via Antena Krzyku.

JAVVA is a band formed by four Polish musicians that have the experience regarding various genres and fields of musical activity. Each of JAVVA members have different approach on rhythm-based music and therefore it infuses the melodic themes of their compositions with polyrhythmic foundations inspired by musical traditions from all around the world. Combined with raw energy and groovy attitude it brings the music of JAVVA close to avant-rock / post-punk / afro-beat territories but taking these genres rather frivolously and as a starting point for further exploration.

Balance of Decay

1. Pad Eye Remover
2. Sentinel
3. Ancaman
4. Pan American
5. Fernandes
6. Bangau
7. Erebus
8. Kua Fu

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