Music Poetry In Motion by MARK WINGFIELD & GARY HUSBAND "Tor & Vale"    

"Guitarist Mark Wingfield who reinvents himself in the company of pianist Gary Husband. Both ventured into a dialogue in which they did not immediately deny their past but certainly did not use it as an absolute starting point. They did, however, adhere to their sense of adventure. Thus, "Tor & Vale" eventually became a scan between possible constructions on the border of avant-garde, jazz, prog and fusion. In turn, they introduce ideas and themes that are then slowly expanded. Excesses and excessive solos are not included. Of course Wingfield regularly stretches its contributions, but Husband always frames these passages very effectively. Tor & Vale is ultimately synonymous with a succession of alternating lyrical sonorities and extremely pragmatic and thoughtful structures and is therefore impossible to classify under a defined format. - Georges Tonla Briquet, Jazz Halo (Belgium)

"Tor & Vale recalls the masterpieces recorded by Bill Evans and Jim Hall and by Allan Holdsworth in the company of Gordon Beck. I almost feel a nostalgic sense in the elegant formula adopted by Mark Wingfield and Gary Husband, the memory of a non-digital age where the instrumental ability was held in the highest consideration and where the interplay between improvisers was one of the decisive elements in the success of a record . A bygone era, but that era has remained a professional and musical ethic that continues to produce masterpieces of balance and taste like this "Tor & Vale", produced by the beloved MoonJune Records which seems to be destined to act as a glue and as a meeting place for a group of brilliant and extremely creative musicians." - Andrea Aguzzi, NeuGuitars (Italy)

"Gorgeous, yet frightening at the same time…yet oh so beautiful." - Peter Pardo, Sea Of Tranquility (USA)

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