New York Voices at Birdland, March 26-30, 2019

New York Voices
& Their Trio
Live at Birdland
Join us for 5 nights at Birdland as we debut the music from our new CD set for release in September 2019

Sean Fitzpatrick, Paul Nowinski and Marcello Pellitteri

March 26-30
8:30 and 11:00 PM Shows

For over 30 years the critically acclaimed vocal group New York Voices Darmon Meader, Lauren Kinhan, Peter Eldridge, Kim Nazarian have been known for their close-knit harmonies, inspired arrangements, and unparalleled vocal blend. Their chameleon-like musicianship allows them to move seamlessly from setting to setting, from orchestral music and big band jazz to the intimate trio lineup. With deep interests rooted in jazz, Brazilian music, R&B, classical, and pop, the Voices mix traditional sensibilities with more than a dash of the unexpected. For this engagement the group previews songs from their forthcoming album.

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