Deer (MX) | There's No Future

Deer is a Mexican band based in Hong Kong.
The duo is a mix of alternative music, trip rock, industrial sounds and deep basses plus the powerful vocals with nostalgic lyrics.

Deer have toured their hypnotic music across Asia (China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, etc.) and Europe (Spain, Estonia, Germany, The Netherlands, Russia, etc.). They have performed in some of the best music festivals around Asia such as Clockenflap (HK), SÚnar (HK), V-Rox (Ru), Soundrenaline (ID), Zandari Fest (KR), to mention some.

In 2018 released their debut Ep titled Portraits which was co-produced with Yuchain from the Taiwanese band Green Eyes. In 2019 they are releasing their first album There's No Future, which was also co-produced by Yuchain and was recorded in Taiwan.

There's No Future

1. There's No Future
2. Deaf
3. Wailing Wood
4. Tell-tale H...
5. Biting A Spectrum
6. Dead Souls
7. The End of Times

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