The only Italian World Music Contest and has already reached its twelfth edition, acquiring an increasing prestige year by year: the "Andrea Parodi Awards", all organised in Cagliari by the homonymous Foundation with the artistic direction of Elena Ledda.
The 2019 edition is programmed from October 10th to 12th, thus this year's application form is now available online, It is open to artists worldwide and, as ever registration is free.
Among the prizes for the winner, a series of concerts and participation in some of the most important Italian music festivals in their 2020 Editions: from the "European Jazz Expo" in Sardinia to Folkest in Friuli, and the Negro Festival in Pertosa (SA) to the Mei di Faenza, not forgetting the very same Parodi Awards, further to other events to be announced. In addition to the aforementioned, the winners will be entitled to a € 2, 500 scholarship. Whereas the winner of the Critics' Awards will have a professional videoclip of their competition song produced, offered by the Andrea Parodi Foundation.

Applications must be sent by, and no later than 31 May 2019, using the format found online (for information:
It must contain:
- 2 tracks (2 mp3 files, auditions or live recordings or definitive achievements, indicate which of the two tracks will be the chosen competition song);
- lyrics and translations (if need be) into Italian of the two pieces;
- artistic curriculum (single or group);

The Awards aim to enhance the new trends in the music of peoples, albeit "World Music", artists that mix the so-called folk or ethnic music with sounds and stylistic models of different origins.
The Artistic Commission established by the Foundation will select, in an anonymous way, from eight to twelve finalists among the applicants; the finalists will perform in Cagliari at the "Andrea Parodi Awards" Festival 2019, in front of a Technical Jury (professionals, authors, musicians, poets, writers and songwriters) and a Critical Jury (journalists). Both juries, as in previous years, will be composed of authoritative exponents of the sector.
Andrea Parodi
The festival was created in honour of the distinguished Sardinian artist Andrea Parodi, who went from singer-songwriter with Tazenda to a highly valued solo career, of ethnic themes thanks to which he became an international reference of World Music, collaborating with artists such as Al Di Meola and Noa.
The previous editions were won: 2018 by La Maschera (Campania), 2017 by Daniela Pes (Sardinia), 2016 by Pupi di Surfaro (Sicily), 2015 by Giuliano Gabriele Ensemble (Lazio), 2014 by Flo ( Campania), 2013 by Unavantaluna (Sicily), 2012 by Elsa Martin (Friuli), 2011 by Elva Lutza (Sardinia), 2010 by the Compagnia Triskele (Sicily), 2009 by Francesco Sossio (Puglia).
In addition to the aforementioned, partners of the event are: Premio Bianca D'Aponte, Mare e Miniere,, Premio Città di Loano for traditional Italian music, Labimus (Interdisciplinary Laboratory on Music by the University of Cagliari, Department of History, Cultural Heritage and Territory), Barumini Foundation - Culture System.
The Andrea Parodi Awards is organised by the homonymous Foundation thanks to: Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Founder), Department of Public Education, Cultural Heritage, Information, Sports and Entertainment and Department of Tourism, Crafts and Commerce; Fondazione di Sardegna, Cagliari City Council (patrons and sponsors), NUOVOIMAIE, SIAE - Italian Society of Authors and Publishers, Federation of Authors.
The Andrea Parodi Foundation can be supported through 5x1000 and voluntary donations. All information can be found on the Foundation website.

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