Carla Campopiano Trio Three Chicago Appearances 1/9 City Winery 1/11 Tango and Folklore Night 1/12 @ Milonga + New CD

Christian Fresno
City Winery Chicago
January 9th 8pm
Christian Fresno & Friends
1200 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 733-9463

Carla Campopiano Flute
Gustavo Cortiñas Drums
Christian Fresno Guitar
Alba Guerra Vocals
Mauro Frosio Piano

Carla Campopiano Trio
Two Chicago Appearances
Friday, January 11th 8pm
@ Tango and Folklore Night
Growing Together Performing Arts
5419 N Lincoln Avenue 60625
872 2083398

Carla Campopiano-Flute
Christian Fresno-Guitar
Alba Guerra-Vocals

Saturday, January 12th 7pm
@ Milonga
1441 Morse Ave Chicago IL 60626
Tickets & Info
Carla Campopiano-Flute
Gustavo Cortiñas-Drum
guests Christian Fresno-Guitar
Alba Guerra-Vocals

Performing Music From Their New CD
"Chicago/Buenos Aires Connections"
Classic tango and jazz are blended together by the talented flutist Carla Campopiano.

Chicago/Buenos Aires Connection is s delightful set of beautiful melodies and melodic improvising, performed by her trio with acoustic guitarist Angel Collacilli and percussionist Gustavo Cortiñas Fouilloux

The Argentinian-born Carla Campopiano has been an important part of the Chicago tango scene since 2015. The flutist has also been exposed to jazz and blues, resulting in her leaving her tango performances open to the improvising and chance taking spirit of jazz. Her blending of the two rich musical heritages of Buenos Aires and Chicago results in delightful music

Chicago-Buenos Aires Connections matches Ms. Campopiano with two kindred spirits. Percussionist Gustavo Cortiñas Fouilloux and guitarist Angel Collacilli are brilliant musicians who follow and react quickly to her flute flights.

The six songs in her collection are filled with warm and often-joyful melodies. The flutist states the themes with guitarist Collacilli providing stimulating accompaniment and solos that will make some think of Django Reinhardt. The interplay between flute and guitar is often magical, particularly on "Don Agustin Bardi." A tango rhythm is always felt in the music with Cortiñas Fouilloux contributing color and drive.

The selections include the infectious "Sacachispas, " "Melancolico" (which is anything but melancholy), the rhythmically complex "Don Agustin Bardi, " and Cortiñas "Balada de León." The set concludes with a pair of Astor Piazzolla's compositions. "Zita" has Colacilli switching to bass and Julián el "Piojo" López displaying a powerful sound of his own on guitar. The musicians stretch during the episodic work which, in addition to a haunting ballad section, generates plenty of excitement. The closer is the dramatic "Triunfal" which has a prominent role for Cortiñas Fouilloux

Born and raised in Argentina, Carla Campopiano grew up surrounded by the melodies and rhythms of candombe, chacarera, milonga and tango. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from Empa Escuela De Música Popular de Avellaneda in Argentina before moving to Chicago four years ago.

Since then, she has led the Yuyo Verde Tango ensemble, been artistic director of Bajo'l Puente Productions, and performed in different settings. Years of research into the history of tango along with her enthusiastic soaking up of the jazz scene has led to her desire to blend it all together.

Carla Campopiano says of her new release, "Chicago-Buenos Aires Connections is the outcome of the coming together of these two contrasting musical worlds into a new concept, always respecting their traditions, binding them through their common elements and celebrating the differences between them."

Carla Campopiano Trio – "Chicago/Buenos Aires Connections"
(Self Produced) MUSICIANS: Carla Campopiano – Flute and arrangements, Gustavo Cortiñas – drums & percussion, and arrangements, Ángel Colacilli - guitar on all tracks, bass on Zita, and arrangements.
Julián el "Piojo" López – guitar on "Zita"
Street Date: 12/07/2018

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