French techno-rock trio TH/S /S SH/T releases new EP today via Upton Park

After releasing a previous EP only a few months ago, the trio of musicians and producers (guitar/synth/bass/drums) is continuing its musical odyssey through its bold and singular techno-rock.

Based in Paris, France, the band pulls inspiration across counterculture artistic movements, far from today's mainstream conventions, providing timeless yet overwhelmingly efficient compositions.

If one listens closely to their sound, which is augmented with an innovative set-up, the last borders between rock and electronic music become blurred, and once on stage that energy becomes a surging stroboscope of sound, trance and improvisations.

Shortly after arising media interest throughout Europe with their previous EP, TH/S /S SH/T is already back with a new release. 2 tracks, 2 remixes* and a music video that will certainly thrill fans of the genre, while their first album is set to be released soon on the record label Upton Park (NSDOS, Stuck in the Sound, Robin Foster, ).

In addition to this, TH/S /S SH/T will be playing a couple shows in Paris in January:

Jan 3 | Paris - FR | L'international (Release Party)
Jan 31 | Paris - FR | Black Star

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