Neapolitan ensemble – La Maschera, winners of the Andrea Parodi Awards 2018 in Cagliari

The Neapolitan, La Maschera won the 11th Andrea Parodi Awards, the only Italian contest of World Music. The Critics' Awards goes abroad, to Cypriot Monsieur Doumani.
Giuseppe Di Bella was nominated for the Special Mention for Best Lyrics in "Ncucciarisi" (sung in Sicilian). Special Mentions for Best Music and Best Interpretation went to La Maschera (who performed the song "Te vengo a cerca '", (sung in Neapolitan and Wolof), whilst Monsieur Doumani (with "Gongs") was furthermore nominated for the Special Mentions for the Best Reinterpretation of a song by Andrea Parodi, the Best Arrangement and was chosen as best Artists by the young people present in the theatre.
During the contest, held from 8th to 10th November in Cagliari at the Teatro Auditorium Comunale, the International Critics Award went to the well-deserved KOR vocal ensemble with "Albore" (in Logudorese). Finally, the Special Mention of the competitors themselves, was a draw between Feral Cor with "La Sajetana" (in Genoese) and Giuseppe Di Bella.
Aniello Misto also competed for the victory with "Aumm aumm" (sung in Neapolitan); Ararat Ensemble Orchestra with "Nietaan" (in Wolof); Dindłn with "L'amur" (in Piedmontese) and Terrasonora with "Padre vostro" (in Neapolitan and Swahili).

Before the winners were announced, there was a breathtaking jam session featuring the artistic director Elena Ledda, some of the artists in the jury and the Special Guests of the Awards, who had just performed, namely the Peruvian Jorge Pardo, accompanied by the guitarist Francisco Rey Soto, Macedonian Stracho Temelkovski and, from Veneto, the D'Altrocanto Duo.
During the evening Daniele Cossellu, historical founder of the Tenores di Bitti "Remunnu 'e Locu", received the 2018 Hall of Fame Award. The award given each year to a prominent figure in the Italian cultural and artistic world.

The festival was created in honour of the distinguished Sardinian artist Andrea Parodi, who went from singer-songwriter with Tazenda to a highly valued solo career, of ethnic themes.
Over the three-day events, all contestants and special guests performed one song from his repertoire.

Ottavio Nieddu and Gianmaurizio Foderaro presented the 2018 edition. The Grand Finale was broadcast LIVE on the Facebook page of Rai Radio Tutta Italiana.

The winner of the "Parodi Awards" will have the opportunity to perform at the 2019 editions of the following; the "European Jazz Expo" in Sardinia, Folkest in Friuli, the Negro Festival in Pertosa (Salerno), the awards of all awards - the Mei di Faenza, and at the very Parodi Awards 2019, in addition to various other events and music programmes to be announced. The winning group 2018, La Maschera have a tour of eight concerts, offered thanks to NuovoImaie (project financed with the funds of the art.7 L. 93/92), and a financial prize of 2, 500 euros.
As Prize for the Critics Award, the production of a videoclip offered by the Federation of Authors.

The finalists are the result of a meticulous selection of the 220 contestants, coming from all over the world, from Mexico to Siberia, Senegal to Cyprus. Proving the growing importance of this event over the years.

Following the names of the jury who voted for the overall winner; Gianfranco Cabiddu (Director, musician), Gigi Camedda (Musician), Lucia Campana (Partner Premio Cittą di Loano), Gesuino Deiana (Musician), Gaetano D'Aponte (Partner Premio Bianca D'Aponte), Andrea Del Favero (Partner Folkest), Giovanni Gianluca Floris (Musician, President of Cagliari Conservatoire), Kaballą (Musician), Elena Ledda (Musician), Silvano Lobina (Musician), Annamaria Loddo (Cultural Operator), Marco Lutzu (Musician, Ethnomusicologist), Roberto Mancinelli (I Mean), Gino Marielli (Musician), Nicola Meloni (Cultural Operator), Michele Palmas (Producer S'Ard Music), Andrea Ruggeri (Musician), Gisella Vacca (Musician, actress).
Following the Critics jury Claudio Agostoni (Popolare Network), Gabriele Antonucci (Panorama), Matteo Bruni (Radio Super Sound), Angela Calvini (Avvenire), Stefano Carboni (Radio Montecarlo), Simone Cavagnino (Unica Radio), Flavia Corda (Rai 3 Sardinia), Valerio Corzani (Radio 3), Tore Cubeddu (Eja TV), Ciro De Rosa (Blogfoolk / Songlines), Daniela Deidda (Sardinia Events 24), Felice Liperi (Repubblica), Monica Magro (Radio Sintony), Elisabetta Malantrucco ( Rai Radio Techetč), Luigi Mameli (Radiolina), Marco Mangiarotti (Quotidiano Nazionale / Il Giorno), Andrea Massidda (La Nuova Sardegna), Duccio Pasqua (Radio 1), Piersandro Pillonca (Press Office of the Regional Council of Sardinia), Timisoara Pinto (Radio 1), Walter Porcedda (Jazz Music), Emanuela Teodora Russo (NuovoImaie), Cristiano Sanna (Tiscali), Claudio Scaccianoce (Linkiesta), Giacomo Serreli (music journalist), Stefano Starace (Mo'l'estate), Mario Tasca (Sardegna 1), Jacopo Tomatis (Il giornale della musica).
Concluding with the following international jury - Bastiaan Springer (ConcertZender, Holland), Andrew Cronshaw (Froots magazine - Rough Guide to World Music, United Kingdom), Thorsten Bednarz (DeutchlandFunk Kultur, Germany), Petr Doruzka (Czech Radio, Prague), Sergio Albertoni (RSI Switzerland).

Further Partners of the event are Mare e Miniere, Premio Cittą di Loano for traditional Italian music, Labimus (Interdisciplinary Laboratory on Music of the University of Cagliari, Department of History, Cultural Heritage and Territory), Fondazione Barumini - Sistema Cultura, Dal Maso Musica, Cagliari Historical Centre Consortium, BoxOffice Sardegna. Media partners are Radio Rai, Rai Sardegna, Radio Popolare, Radio Super Sound, Unica Radio, Sardinia 1 Tv, Eja TV, Tiscali, Il Giornale della musica, Blogfoolk, Sardegna Eventi 24, Mundofonias (Spain), Doruzka (Czech Rep.), Concertzender (Holland).

The Andrea Parodi Awards is organised by the homonymous Foundation thanks to: Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Founder), Department of Public Education, Cultural Heritage, Information, Sports and Entertainment and Department of Tourism, Crafts and Commerce; Fondazione di Sardegna, Cagliari City Council (patrons and sponsors), NUOVOIMAIE, SIAE - Italian Society of Authors and Publishers, Federation of Authors.
The Andrea Parodi Foundation can be supported through the 5x1000 destination and through cash contributions. All information can be found on the Foundation website.

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