Bone Nest share collection of songs and video clips from self-titled debut album

San Francisco-based artist/producer Bone Nest has been building momentum with a collection of songs and video clips from his upcoming self-titled debut album. Blending R&B with elements of indie, psychedelic rock, soul and jazz, Bone Nest has crafted a sound highly individual and incredibly captivating.

Bursting with a potent mix of musical production intricacy and remarkable songwriting talent, Bone Nest is pushing boundaries and remaining innovative at all costs. With intricate melodies, precise percussion and vibrant vocal performance, he has created a sonic atmosphere that cannot be understated.

Consisting of textured basslines, dancing piano notes and driving drum patterns, the production seamlessly pairs the instrumentation with undeniably soulful vocals. The production doesn't seek to cover up his presence; the approach gives room for the vocals to breathe and for the lyrics to be felt.

Although this is just a sample of what's to come, it's enough to showcase what this artist is really capable of. He touches on a variety of sounds, but at the core lies consistent classic songwriting. With meticulous, innovative production and obvious attention to detail, Bone Nest is definitely going places.

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