Bluesman Scott Ramminger is Alive and Ornery

On the heels of his successful Feb. 2017 release, "Do What Your Heart Says To, " songwriter/singer/sax man Scott Ramminger is dropping a new double-disc live release, "Alive and Ornery, " on Sept. 1, 2017.

"Alive and Ornery" was recorded on club dates June 2, 4 & 7 in the Washington DC area. The album features 15 tunes across two discs ten of them Ramminger's originals, including one new tune, and five covers." Ramminger, who moved to Nashville in January, returned to the DC area to make the live record.

The record, like Ramminger's previous discs, is firmly rooted in blues and R&B, with elements of roots rock, Americana and other musical styles, served up over a wide range of different grooves. "Alive and Ornery" is the first of his records to include some carefully chosen cover tunes. In addition to Ramminger on vocals and tenor sax, "Alive and Ornery" features Pete Ragusa, on drums; Chris Brown on bass; Vince McCool on trumpet; Clarence "The Blues Man" Turner, David Kitchen, and Keith Grimes on guitar; Wes Lanich and Ariel Francis on keys.

"I love to write, and dig the production aspect of making studio records. But I also really like getting out and playing live, particularly with a good band in small or medium-sized clubs, " Ramminger said. "And I've always been a fan of live records. I like to hear the interplay between the band and the crowd, the musical conversations on the bandstand, a little bit of banter and the odd drunken howl from the audience. And it was also cool getting some of my favorite DC players on a record after making the previous two albums mostly in New Orleans."

"Alive and Ornery" is Ramminger's fourth record since 2011's "Crawstickers, " (which earned him a Washington Area Music Award (WAMMIE) for Best Debut Recording), and is his first live release. Ramminger's February 2017 release, "Do What Your Heart Says To, " spent several weeks at the number one spot on the "Roots Music Report" R&B Album Chart and drew critical praise from both the music and mainstream press, also garnering Ramminger a Silver Award in the MidAtlantic Songwriting Competition. All of his records have garnered positive reviews from a variety of influential music publications, and newspapers, and blogs.

"The record I released earlier this year, "Do What Your Heart Says To, " turned into quite a production, with guest singers, additional horns, etc. So it was was really fun to make a double CD, start to finish, in two months. I recorded three gigs, picked the tunes, got the record mixed, and that was that. It sounds like what one of my gigs sounds like, which is what I was after."

What The Critics Are Saying
Ramminger's colorful and clever songs match the quality of the musicianship'
- Nick Cristiano, The Philadelphia Enquirer

It's a rollicking good time from the Washington, D.C.-based artist, who should gain greater demand on the touring circuit with this release. While the performances are top-notch throughout, the true
strength lies in the songwriting on these 14 tunes
- Mike Cote, "New Hampshire Union Leader

No, there's no filler here. This is pure funk, swing, and swagger.
-Jim Hynes, Elmore Magazine

Lively play, NOLA style, and solid songwriting make for most satisfying results on Scott Ramminger's
new offering.
-Duane Vehr, "Roots Music Report"
1. I Really Love Your Smile (Live) 4:58 (Ramminger/Ramminger Music - BMI)
2. It's Hard To Be Me (Live) 5:26 (Ramminger/Ramminger Music - BMI)
3. Advice From A Father to A Son (Live) 5:17 (Ramminger/Ramminger Music - BMI)
4. Funkier Than Him (Live) 7:49 (Ramminger/Ramminger Music - BMI)
5. That Rumba Beat (Live) 6:01 (Ramminger/Ramminger Music - BMI)
6. Do What Your Heart Says To (Live) 4:36 (Ramminger/Ramminger Music - BMI)
7. Linda Lu (Live) 5:23 (Ray Sharpe/Gregmark Music) (X:XX)
8. Nasty Habits (Live) 8:50 (T. Castro/Viper Music)
9. Hokey Pokey Blues (Live) 3:52 (Ramminger/Ramminger Music - BMI)
10. Rebecca, Rebecca (Live) 8:06 (Traditional/Public Domain)
11. This Town's Seen The Last Of Me (Live) 5:25 (Ramminger/Ramminger Music - BMI)
12. Annandale Girl (Live) 5:24 (Ramminger/Ramminger Music - BMI)
13. Josephine (Live) 4:10 (D. Bartholomew/A. Domino, EMI)
14. 'Lizabeth (Live) 5:29 (C. Singleton, R.M. McCoy/Angel Music)
15. Ain't Gonna Do It (Live) 3:38 (D. Bartholomew/EMI) (X:XX)

Scott Ramminger: vocals, sax
Pete Ragusa: drums
Chris Brown: bass
Vince McCool: trumpet
Ariel Francis: keys all but 3, 6, 12
Wes Lanich: keys 3, 6, 12
Clarence "Bluesman" Turner: guitar, all but 2, 3, 5, 6, 12
David Hitcher: guitar 2, 5
Keith Grimes: guitar 3, 6, 12

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