Singer Andromeda Turre at the Django NYC Sept 15! "Live EP" International Airplay!

Andromeda Turre Performing at
the Django
September 15 - NYC

Piano: Paul Odeh
Bass: James Robbins
Guitar: Quintin Zoto
Drums: Orion Turre

With surprise special guests!

After studying at Berklee College of Music and The Boston Conservatory, New York City native Andromeda Turre kickstarted her career as the last Raelette hired to sing for Ray Charles. Andromeda's full new project is entitled "Shine". It is teased with the August release of her "Live EP".

Producing two albums on her own, Andromeda has spent the last 10 years capturing the hearts of fans all across Europe, Asia & Russia. Now, having truly found her own voice, she is ready to make her debut in her home country.

The "Live EP" consists of four new videos. A re-imagination of the classic "Pennies From Heaven", a re-harmonization of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and two original songs, "Alive" and "Golden". "Golden" features her father Steve Turre and her brother, Orion Turre plays drums on all tracks, making it a family affair.

Everyone has a dream, not everyone lives it. "SHINE" takes you on Andromeda's journey through self-doubt, courage, disappointment, liberation and joy. The album reads like an open page of her diary from the moment she decided to stop living in the shadows and make her debut as a Jazz Vocalist and Songwriter. It's not only a road map, but her honesty and passion empathizes with anyone who's on the journey to living their dream. It's more than an album, it's a movement to encourage people to find their own personal spotlight and SHINE.

Andromeda has great respect for the past, but embraces the future. With mostly original songs, she brings a fresh face and sound to the Jazz idiom.

"Dangerously attractive... soulful voice" - New York Times

"LIVE EP" Band CD:
John di Martino - piano
Rashaan Carter - bass
Orion Turre - drums
Steve Turre - trombone*

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