Kickstarter Campaign for: Nancy Kelly's Mark Murphy Tribute CD

As a young jazz singer, I was blessed to be supported by a well-run indie label that helped build my career and established my presence on the national and international jazz scene. Over the ensuing decades, I've seen the music industry mutate. Today the challenges of the digital age can put tremendous stress on the recording artist, but it has also brought new opportunities, such as crowdfunding. Although no longer a source of significant income, even for many established popular artists, the need for releasing new recordings is still essential for staying alive in the business. It's important to document one's artistry, and it's a hook for getting booked and staying in the game. It heightens awareness, it generates work, and emotionally speaking, making recordings is what keeps artists alive, this ability to share their art of spontaneous creation and love.

Why Mark Murphy:
People often ask me who my favorite singer is, and my answer is always, without hesitating, Mark Murphy. I was heavily influenced by his work. He was "the real deal, " and he's the reason I am a jazz singer. With Mark's recent passing, I am moved to honor him musically with this recording. Mark and I were friends and we adored each other. I was very moved to learn recently that I was one of his favorite singers.

The CD:
I am collaborating with pianist John DiMartino on this project. He too is a huge Mark Murphy fan and we are very excited to see this endeavor take on its own life. You certainly won't need to be a Mark fan to be moved by the music I've chosen for this recording. Mark's music went through many changes as he grew and matured. I'm going to record the songs that most affected me as an artist. These compositions nourished me and gave birth to my jazz soul.

With your financial support, I will honor my mentor, the great Mark Murphy, and will continue to aspire to achieve his authentic artistry, helping to keep jazz vital, relevant and alive.

The recording date has been set for mid-October. We would like to see the CD released in early 2018. John and I are rehearsing and developing the music. Once we get a feel for the vibe and direction of the music, we will then choose the players from the New York city jazz pool that will compliment the direction and sound.

A personal note from Nancy

Dear Friends,

In the past few years I have teamed up with an international booking agent, Jean-Pierre Leduc We met just after my last recording, "B That Way, " had run its course. So much is about timing in this business. As it happens, Jean-Pierre was Mark Murphy's last manager, and we both continue to feel a very strong personal connection to him. We feel confident that this project will not only be a worthy addition to my discography, but will also create a demand for concerts worldwide.

Not only will your support honor the great Mark Murphy and his formidable legacy, it will also create awareness for my artistry, to continue my quest to keep creating great music for you, and for all that enjoy this great art form.

To quote one of Mark's most fabulous albums, "Love Is What Stays."

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