Honesty And Integrity Through Music

Desperado Orchestra with J and Megan, husband and wife, started writing music together in 2010. They first met in Los Angeles, CA, and immediately recognized the quality working relationship and creative sparks when collaborating together. Both have very different backgrounds in their musical developments, but as independent musicians, within their goals and methods of creating a work of art, they share a lot of commonalities. Teaching, sharing, being compassionate, being cautious, having fun, seizing moments of opportunity, but not taking advantage are the most important aspects of their working relationship.

It is not surprising that these two musicians are also dedicated educators. Together and independently they traveled and worked in New York, Florida, California, China and now Hawaii. In all of these communities they found politics, environment, economic stability, overall physical and mental health as vital to the community. Yet amongst the politicians, the educators, the public and the youth the issues are discussed with part truths, extreme differences of opinions, and a lack of resources with reliable information to give an accurate and accountable fact.

With their new song, "Tell the Youth the Truth", they are cautious with their words, and fierce with their instrumentation. The influence of Afro Beat music allows them the freedom to draw out the dilemmas of today's youth with a groove that is hard to ignore. The American improvisational forms allow the violin the freedom to be expressive and contrasting to the percussive pulse, as it weaves in and out of the lyrical content. And the lead voice is resonant with baritone and tenor timbres with a hint of a choral melodic chant.

The music is hypnotic and grooves, but below it is a warning for all. Be cautious with information and care for the world we leave behind for our children and our children's children. "Tell the Youth the Truth" is available to download at

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