Rubyfruit | Half Moon EP Release

Originally scheduled for a July release, the Rubyfruit EP will finally be out on August 5 2017!

Rubyfruit is a duo currently based in Denver, CO, USA that creates a fresh take on indie-americana music.

The two voices of Jenny Posnak and Kate Hamilton, each unique yet wonderfully blended, create a characteristic, harmony-driven and haunting sound.

Rubyfruit's first EP synthesizes folk instrumentation and tempo, jazz percussion, rock guitar and bass with lyrical content that grapples with ever-changing concepts of home. Background vocals are performed by Ruby Amanfu, known for her collaborations with Jack White and Beyonce, as well as her own solo work.

Musical influences include: Fairport Convention, Feist, Fats Waller, Amy Winehouse, Tao and The Get Down Stay Down, Oscar Peterson, Tune Yards, Fleetwood Mac.

Rubyfruit will tour the United States with Evening Darling August 5-13, 2017.


1. Ivory Tower
2. Aberdeen
3. Daddy Long Legs
4. Red Dog
5. HalfMoon

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