Jeremy Warren - Survivor of SJS - Releasing Debut CD

Jeremy Warren
I Can Do All Things
CD Release Party
Jeremy Warren & The Rudiment "I Can Do All Things" Album Release Show
Wed, Jun 1 @ 10:00 PM
Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1, 196 Allen St., New York, NY

"Jeremy was my student and part of my musical cohort at NYU for a semester. He is a very talented and soulful drummer who has a beautiful feel and a great musical understanding."
- Lenny Pickett (Saturday Night Live)

The soaring saxophone trimmings of "Modern Warfare" infuse a splash of bebop synergy into the number as Warren's rippling drumbeats give the melody a power boost. The soulful tint of Dermel's vocals is emblematic of blues singers such as Erykah Badu. The comfy stroll of Joel Desroches' piano keys sculpt glittering punctuations along "Yet Faithful" entwined in shimmering cascades rendering a moonlight-imbued ambiance as the rolling toots of the saxophone spin and spiral elegantly across the track. It's a lovely piece laden with tender emotions shown in the fluidity of the lyrical verses.Influences of Memphis blues can be detected throughout the recording combined with
rations of R&B and soul making for an enjoyable jaunt.
-Susan Frances, AXS

Jeremy Warren, born and raised in North Little Rock, AR and was heavily exposed to music growing up. His mother is an organist/pianist, she played at his grandfather's and now currently his father's church in Little Rock & North Little Rock, AR. Upon graduating from high school in 2003, Warren received a full jazz scholarship to The University of Memphis in Memphis, TN. He received dual Bachelor Degree's in Jazz Studies and Music Education with a license in May 2012. Memphis is where he credits his musical growth as a musician performing with many local/national artists as well as leading his own band which performed every Saturday night on the famous Beale St. for two years.

Jeremy taught elementary music in the Shelby County Schools in Memphis, TN before moving to New York City in 2013 to attend New York University. He received his Master's Degree in Music from New York University in May 2015. Jeremy has performed and/or recorded with artists such as Deanna Martin (Daughter of Dean Martin), Andy Milne, Lenny Pickett, John Scofield, Luis Bonilia, Antonio Hart, and many more. His influences include Tony Williams, Steve Jordan, Chris "Daddy" Dave, and George "Spanky" McCurdy.

Since moving to NYC, Jeremy has been working non-stop. His debut album is a personal journey of overcoming life's obstacles through music. The album consists of all original material composed by Jeremy. The album has guest appearances from Lenny Pickett (SNL & Tower of Power) and Andy Milne (Dapp Theory).
Jeremy Warren LIVE

CD Description
I Can Do All Things is inspired by my battle with Steven Johnson's Syndrome as a child and the subsequent effects it has caused as an adult. Through being told I wasn't going to make it alive, would be blind, 4 cornea transplants, and in and out of the hospital I've accomplished more than half of my dreams in spite of my circumstances and handicaps. This album illustrates my deepest feelings.

There's ten tracks on the album with eight composed by me. This album is a mix of my musical background of Inspirational, R & B, Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, and Jazz. I wanted to illustrate my deepest feelings about the things I have experienced throughout my life through my music. Each song has a personal meaning to me and the entire album takes you on a musical journey throughout my life.

I featured my wife, Dermel Warren to make my compositions more interesting and personal. She's not a traditional jazz vocalist, so I envisioned a sound as if R & B singer, Brandy was singing jazz. Dermel's voice and talents captured that concept eloquently. The album also has two special appearances by Andy Milne of Dapp Theory and Lenny Pickett of SNL and Tower of Power.

Track, (Time) Composer

1. Can Do All Things 8:49 (Jeremy Warren)

2. Modern Warfare (ft. Dermel) 7:44 (Jeremy Warren)

3. Yet Faithful (ft. Dermel) 7:07 (Jeremy Warren)

4. Livin Way Up (ft.Leon Marin) 1:48 (Jeremy Warren & Leon Marin)

5. You Got It (ft. Dermel & Baxter Wordsworth) 5:02 (Johnathan Davenport)

6. No Words Interlude (ft. Dermel & Gloria Ryann) 3: 10 (Jeremy Warren)

7. Lost Friends (ft. Dermel) 9:08 (Jeremy Warren)

8. Battle With Steven (ft. Andy Milne) 8:51 (Jeremy Warren)

9. Drummer's Blues 8:16 (Jeremy Warren)

10. J-Dubb's Step (ft. Lenny Pickett) 7.49 (Jack Cooper)

Player and instrument:
Dermel Warren - vocals
Gil Defay - trumpet
J, S. Williams - trumpet
Christopher McBride - alto sax
Rakiem Walker-alto/tenor sax
Ethan Helm - alto sax
Joel Desroches - piano
Sam Carroll - organ
Parker McAllister- bass Gabriel Otero - bass
Jeremy Warren - drums

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