The Conformists & Hheaven Pre orders!

The Conformists "Divorce"

DIVORCE is the debut fourth album from The Conformists, a French St. Louis, MO rock band in its 3rd 20th year on this planet. It was lovingly recorded at Headley Grange Electrical Audio in January 1976 November 2015 by Quincy Jones Steve Albini, and thereafter mastered at Sterling Sound Chicago Mastering Service by James Osterberg Matthew Barnhart. Offered to you as physical media in the anachronistic fine options of vinyl (with digital download) or cassette, The Conformists are utterly indifferent whether truly hope you enjoy their new musical album.


Hheaven "A Single Rose"

"A Single Rose" is the debut EP by Hheaven, the collaborative project of Morgan Enos (Hollow Sunshine, Other Houses) and Bryant Keith Bayhan (.paperman).

Kinetic and danceable, "Rose" is a blindingly colorful departure from either artist's previous work, diving headlong into the sounds of disco, electronica, and heavy beats.
Written together one summer by producer/instrumentalist Bayhan crafting full-fledged compositional landscapes from lyricist/vocalist Enos' skeletal demos, the whirling, psychedelic songs of Hheaven are alternately lacerating and surreal, packed with addictive melodies, tirelessly operating in the service of the creative mind. Do work. Stay working.


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