Matt Criscuolo CD Release Party Sat, Jan 17th at Piccolo Pizza Ridgefield, CT

Matt Criscuolo attended Manhattan school of music in 1990 having studied with Dick Oatts and Walt Weiskopf. A New York City native, Matt has been performing in the tri-state area and around the globe for 33 years. Matt has performed and/or recorded with countless top shelf musicians of the likes of David Murray, Harold Danko, Frank Lacy, Fred Hopkins, Rich Perry, and the list goes on. Headin' Out, Matt's 6th release to date exemplifies that he is a staying force on the scene, a prolific performer and composer, committed and dedicated to his art.

Headin' Out will serve to document a turning point in Matt's musical direction where he is starting to break away from convention to a more authentic form of expression in improvised music. Some of Matt's influences are Henry Threadgill, Frank Lowe, Jimmy Lyons, Sonny Simmons and David S. Ware. Tony Purrone had a big influence on the outcome of this recording both in musical and moral support but also as a musical director of sorts helping to arrange and even compose the music. Tony's numerous years with Jimmy Heath and his experience with countless other top shelf musicians has culminated in one of history's greatest guitarists. Tony has about fifteen records as a leader.

Preston Murphy is a fine, up-and-coming modern fiery bassist who plays strong lyrical lines full of passion and vigor. He has a bright future ahead of him and will be making waves. Ed Soph not only teaches at the University of Texas but is also one of the finest, strongest, and hardest swinging drummers on the planet. He is second to none and really drove this band to new heights. Headin' Out can simply be described as high-quality, impassioned 21st century modern jazz.

This album is dedicated to my son Julian Criscuolo.

I'd like to thank my incredibly beautiful and talented fiancée, Renée Kaminsky, for her love and support meant so much to me in so many ways.

Track listing, track times

1. Enchanted Matt Criscuolo 6:50

2. Little Niles Randy Weston 6:00

3. At Night Matt Criscuolo 7:38

4. Sippin' at Bells Miles Davis 8:47

5. Karma at Dharma Tony Purrone 5:36 6. R 5 10 Select Tony Purrone 7:50

7. A Flower is a Lovesome Thing Billy Strayhorn 7:30

8. Centripetal Matt Criscuolo 4:20

9. Renée's Dream Matt Criscuolo 4:11


Matt Criscuolo-alto sax, Tony Purrone-guitar, Preston Murphy-bass, Ed Soph- drums

Recorded: September 23 & 24, 2014 at Carriage House Studios, Stamford, CT
Produced by: Matt Criscuolo

Mastered by: Phil Magnotti Mixed by: John Montagnese and Ian Callanan at the Carriage House

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