Terence Blanchard E-Collective at The Blue Note Mon, Jan 12th

As an innovator, Terence Blanchard is proud to present his newest musical journey the Terence Blanchard: E-Collective, a jazz centered exploration into the fusion of funk, blues, and R&B. The Terence Blanchard: E-Collective features a tight R&B oriented rhythm section that is driven by the powerful Oscar Seaton on drums and the funky Donald Ramsey on bass. Add to this the intense virtuosity of Charles Altura on guitar and the thought provoking and creative statements by Fabian Almazan on keyboard, piano and synths, and you have an improvisational, spirited experience that is electric.

Like Miles Davis in his Bitches Brew-era, or Herbie Hancock and Headhunters, all masterful artists absorb the times, explore new dimensions and follow their spirit. In this defining moment, the Terence Blanchard: E-Collective demonstrates that leaders lead, explorers seek, and that art and music evolve.

Join us for the New York City premiere of the Terence Blanchard: E-Collective at the Blue Note, on January 12, 2015, during APAP NYC and Jazz Connect.

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