A Jazz Master Frank Foster An Autobiography

Frank introduced me to a new world all over the world. He was and is the greatest love of my life…my gentle giant.
-Cecilia Foster

Frank Foster…a beautiful multi-talented man who made this world a better place. He was a wonderful saxophonist, a great composer and arranger, a teacher and a bandleader. His love for our people was obvious with the names of his two bands being "The Loud Minority" and "Living Color." I feel blessed to have him and his wife Cecilia as friends but more like a brother and sister.
-Jimmy Heath

Frank was one of my musical inspirations—and a great friend. Too bad I didn't have more time with him, but he lives forever as one of the jazz greats, forever.
-Sonny Rollins

Frank Foster was to those of us who knew him, our Coltrane. A soft-spoken man continually searching for new ideas on his horn and in his writing, he not only was the complete musician, he was more importantly the complete human being. He was everything one aspires to be in this life, and we miss him so much. This book will always be within reach, just to remind me of his unquenchable spirit…
-Randy Brecker

It was a mighty joy for me to share music with Mr. Frank Foster— a master composer—a great arranger—a truly swinging master saxophonist with a beautiful tone and style all his own. He was one of the kindest persons I came to know along the way.
-Monty Alexander

Frank Foster is one of America's great composers, along with Duke Ellington and George Gershwin. His contributions have been as a saxophonist, mentor, composer, arranger and organizer. Those are the things he excelled in from the time he left Cincinnati. Some people are great instrumentalist, or great innovators, John Coltrane was a great innovative saxophonist, but Frank was known for all those things, and revered all those things.


Within the pages of this book is a candid autobiography of Frank Foster III. The book was published just as Frank wrote it. In his own words, Frank chose to reveal the complexities both positive and negative that would tell his story. His final request to his beloved wife Cecilia was to make certain that his book was published after his death.

Frank's musical career spanned seven decades with a contribution to the Jazz world that will never be forgotten. He was called a musical genius. As you read this book, you will see a life that reveals the triumphs and struggles of a man who made a major impact as a saxophonist extraordinaire, composer, arranger, educator, conductor of the world famous Count Basie Orchestra, as well as establishing his own 3 bands that became legendary.

I second the quote by his publicist, "Here's to Frank, a musical genius for all time…One More Time!


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