Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux - "Le Clan des Guimauves"

Multi-instrumentalist, Musician, Composer, voiceover in Swiss cinemas, Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux was born on April 27, 1977 in Geneva. Passionate about old electronic machines and all ethnic instruments since the age of 6, making all his soundtracks from the score up to the mastering, still using old tape for recording. There is no sample and no cover in his music. Awarded in The Munchen Film Fest 2012 in Germany for a video soundtrack. His compositions show you their 1960s - 1970s sound qualities as well as rhythms and melodies with multiple cinematographic characters. Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux is also making his own videos to illustrate his musical compositions.

His last album Le Clan des Guimauves has been released in Switzerland in July 2014 and will be released all over europe on December 15 2014.

About the album :

"Le Clan des Guimauves musically tells the adventures of a gang of Alien Gypsies lost on our planet. Their physical feature is to have a big nose and 7 fingers on their left foot. They're meeting to find an honorable sense to freedom."

Le Cla des Guimauves
Format : LP/MP3
Label : Plombage Records
European Release Date : December 15 2014

Music and lyrics written composed, mixed and mastered par Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux.

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