Craig Yaremko Organ Trio Grammy Vote and Live at Silvana 11/21

For your Grammy consideration

Best Jazz Instrumental Album

Craig Yaremko Organ Trio "CYO3"
(OA2 Records 22105)
Street Date Fall 2013
Craig Yaremko: soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, flute and alto flute
Matt King: organ
Jonathon Peretz: drums
Vic Juris: guitar (tracks 3 and 5)

Upcoming Live Appearance

Friday, November 21 6-8pm
Craig Yaremko Organ Trio
Craig Yaremko-saxophones and flutes
Matt King-organ
Jonathon Peretz-drums
at Silvana
300 W. 116th Street

The New York-based saxophonist Craig Yaremko, along with organist Matt King, drummer Jonathon Peretz, and special guest guitarist Vic Juris, push the limits of the tradition while displaying a powerful group chemistry. The band swings hard on originals by both Yaremko and King, and puts fresh spins on jazz classics by Monk, Strayhorn, Hubbard and Waller. CYO3 is Yaremko's debut on OA2 Records and his forth as a leader, following his recording "Sync, " which was a Top Ten pick from New York's Hot House Magazine for release.

> "Yaremko looks at the organ trio from multiple angles, showing depth of artistry and character all the while...Yaremko's refreshing, given the cunning and oblique preferences of so many other saxophonists operating's to hoping that this won't be a one-off organ group outing"
> -All About Jazz
> "Sax players who can realize each of the distinctly gorgeous tones within the soprano, alto and tenor are tough to find. One horn, usually the soprano, suffers. If you add to this a weighty sound on flute and alto flute Craig Yaremko may be the only player left standing."
> -New York City Jazz Record
> "The Craig Yaremko Organ Trio prepares listeners for a spirited ride from the opening track...and when Yaremko's alto sax locks in with King's organ's pure magic."
> -Jazziz

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