Melvin Taylor to Attend Master-Jam Fest

Applicants from 41 countries competed for 5 (five) guitarists' spots in "Master-Jam Fest". The first season International Festival-Contest of Jazz Improvisational Skills. MJF is both a serious professional skills competition and festival. The mission of MJF is to identify the best improvising jazz artists and give them broad public recognition for their talent. In addition to spreading the idea of improvisation as an essential quality of contemporary thinking.

Judges first pick to attend the final competition in Odessa (Ukraine) is Melvin Taylor from Chicago, Illinois - USA.

Melvin began playing guitar at age 8. Blessed with a natural talent he never received any formal music training. Influenced by such greats as Wes Montgomery, Otis Rush, Albert King, Chet Atkins and Les Paul, Melvin created a unique sound by incorporating many of these styles into his playing.

Between 1983 - 2000 Melvin recorded 6 blues & jazz CD's for Evidence Records. Recently Melvin's creative focus is on his own music - composing, producing and recording multiple CD's in the past 3 years. 2010 - Beyond the Burning Guitar, a double CD featuring jazz & blues instrumentals. 2011 - Sweet Taste of Guitar, all original instrumental jazz & blues. March 5, 2013 - Taylor Made, a mix of blues, jazz and soulful funk.

The jury of the Festival will include leading jazz experts and educators, well-known jazz musicians, journalists, actors and producers for both film and TV. Chairman of the jury is People's Artist of Russia Anatoly Kroll.

MJF will be accompanied by TV and Internet broadcasts.

Melvin Taylor is a veteran guitar master often referred to as a guitar player's guitarist. Folks familiar with Melvin know to expect the unexpected and he delivers on "Taylor Made". Melvin's love of music shines through as he crosses over many styles - mixing fluid jazz, blues, rock and soulful moments. One is dazzled by his imagination and ability to adapt to such a variety of music. From the heart of this incredible artist we realize Melvin's complete devotion to each type of music, capturing the humanity of Melvin's spirit. It's "Taylor Made".

Melvin Taylor is a Blues/Jazz/Rock guitar virtuoso. To describe the phenomenal talent of Taylor, one would have to list 'amazing, exhilarating, skillful and dazzling, at the very least. His explosive and erupting blues based style, mixed with rock and jazz runs, leaves you breathless. He is an absolutely stunning performer, which puts him in a class with such guitar greats as Jimmy Reed, Carlos Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix. Critics have written, Melvin Taylor is a volcanic guitarist; he can also rock hard and has enough sensitivity for jazz.'His execution of lightening speed runs, infused with jazz embellishments reminiscent of Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Jimi Hendrix and Kenny Burell are mind boggling. The most dynamic aspect of his unique sound is his ability to combine so many styles into well constructed solos.

"Taylor's arsenal consists of blinding speed, a feverish wah-wah pedal, a range of tones that leaps from groans to squeals, and notes bent so dramatically that his guitar sounds like it's retching. Taylor succeeds because he's a virtuoso who pushes the limits of his own skills." —Living Blues Magazine

"One of the most exhilarating blues guitarists to emerge in the past decade…[he] is more a blues innovator than a purist, mixing jazz chords and rock influences into his tapestry of electric blues." —Rolling Stone Magazine

"A volcanic guitarist…the sort of virtuosity that drags an audience into a world of risks and chances and excitement." —The New York Times

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