Onibaba CD Release at Grand Star Jazz In Los Angeles

Composer Daren Burns's band, Onibaba will be performing for their debut CD release entitled "Disintegration of Secrets/Apparitions of Kings". Band will feature composer/woodwind veteran Vinny Golia, trombonist George McMullen, guitarist Woody Aplanalp, drummer Yasha Philips, and video artist Kio Griffith.

Created by Daren Burns in 2006, Onibaba synthesizes its sound by using elements of the Chicago avant-garde, jazz, rock, world, techno, noise, and classical, to create a new type of fusion that is definitely not the smooth, funky jazz of the 80's and 90's, but a new living music. In live performance, the band is also committed to the use of live video images to expand the ensemble from sound to sight. The video doesn't act as a narrative or as a background, but as a sixth element and contributor to the performance. Onibaba has been selected as one of Brick's Picks in the LA Weekly multiple times and received the LA County Arts Commission for 2011-2014.

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