Reservoir Signs Canadian Singer-Songwriter Slakah The Beatchild

Reservoir is pleased to announce a new publishing agreement with Toronto-based songwriter, producer, and musician, Byram Joseph, professionally known as Slakah the Beatchild. Led by company President, Golnar Khosrowshahi, Reservoir will publish the catalogs of Slakah and his musical alter egos, The Slakadeliqs and The Art of Fresh.

Reservoir SVP of Creative and Business Development, Faith Newman, was introduced to Slakah at Canadian Music Week in March of this year and coordinated his deal.

"I was impressed by Slakah's range of talent, " says Newman. "His repertoire and influences are so diverse; he runs the gamut from soul, to hip-hop, to rock, to dance so well that it's hard to believe all that music comes from just one person."

Slakah notes, "This is an exciting time in my career. It's great to know that, as I continue to hone my craft and make a name for myself, the Reservoir team will be there to support me and promote my art."

Slakah's catalog includes four Slakah and Slakadeliqs albums, as well as a fifth release still in production. The collection boasts a variety of repertoire, with influences in the hip-hop, neo-soul, classic soul, 1960s pop, and pop-electronica genres. In keeping with this versatility, Slakah has produced for and collaborated with a range of recording artists, including fellow Canadians Drake, Nelly Furtado, R&B singer Ray Robinson, and urban-contemporary singer Melanie Durant. Over the past few years, Slakah has enjoyed an active touring career throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, including opening for the Black Eyed Peas at the multi-day music festival, Bayfest, in his hometown of Sarnia, Ontario. Later this month, The Slakadeliqs will perform at The Great Hall in Toronto as part of the tenth anniversary event for Canadian record label, Do Right! Music.

The past year has been especially substantial for Slakah, with the critically-acclaimed 2012 Slakadeliqs album, The Other Side of Tomorrow, nominated for Canada's prestigious Polaris Music Prize as a Long List contender. This comes after endorsement from Drake via Twitter, including the announcement that Slakah is among his favorite producers to have ever worked with. The lead track on The Other Side of Tomorrow, "Keep Breathing, " is currently on rotation on VH1 Soul.

Faith Newman anticipates that Slakah's musicianship will continue to open doors for musical collaborations and integration into film, television, and advertising projects. Ultimately, she notes, "this kind of deal is truly about fostering the artist's growth and creative process."

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