Merciless Ghost On Tour

Merciless Ghost is a Twin Cities-based "free jazz" trio in the best sense of the term, which is to say that it is devoted to the spirit of group improvisation and the sometimes agonizing struggle to speak using one's own voice. The band features George Cartwright on saxophones, Josh Granowski on bass and Davu Seru on drums.

George Cartwright. Born in the Mississippi Delta George has been performing composed and improvised music for over 20 years. From totally improvised concepts to the relatively structured beat music of his band Curlew his experiences have been considerable.

George's playing partners have included Ornette Coleman, David Thomas, Chris Stamey, Myra Melford, Kip Hanrahan, Alex Chilton, Bill Laswell, Sonny Sharrock, Fred Frith, Butch Morris, Jad Fair, The Box Tops, Samm Bennett, Paul Haines, Amy Denio, Kevin Norton, Ann Rupel, Robbie McCauley, Tom Varner, Mark Dresser, Carei Thomas, Davey Williams, Chris Cochrane, Michael Lytle, Adam Linz, Carei Thomas, Jt Bates, Alden Ikeda, Michelle Kinney, Jacquelin Ferrier-Ultan, Anthony Cox, Michael Lewis, Dean Granros, Tim Glenn, Anne Elias, Meg Emery-Elias, Andrew Broder, Andrew Lafkas, David Means Troy Zaushny, and others.

George has records available on Cuneiform, CIMP, Innova, Knitting Factory World and and other labels.

Josh Granowski is considered one of the most talented bassists in the Twin Cities. He spent his formative years in Northern Minnesota studying classical etudes with a cellist, playing punk/thrash/rock music with friends, and jazz standards with old timers. He has performed throughout the United States working with, among others, Large Marge, Wailing Ships (with Luke Polipnick and Davu Seru), Jack Klatt & the Cat Swingers, Holly Newsom (of Zoo Animal), Bookhouse Trio (performing the music of Twin Peaks), Baby Demons Trio, Painted Saints, Stefan Kac's Consortium of Symphonic Transients.

Davu Seru is gaining an international reputation as a free jazz drummer. He has worked with numerous improvising musicians including Milo Fine, Andrew Lafkas, Jaron Childs, Charles Gillett, George Cartwright, Dean Magraw, Jack Wright, Anthony Cox, Paul Metzger, Elliot Fine, Evan Parker, Rafael Toral, Wendy Ultan, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Stefan Kac, Taylor Ho Bynum, Jim Baker, Robbie Lynn Hunsinger, David Boykin, Dean Granros, Nicole Mitchell and Harrison Bankhead. Davu appears on the record labels Insides Music, Shih Shih Wu Ai, Emanem, Locust, Roaratorio and Clean Feed.



Venue: Audio for the Arts Recording Studio
Time: Doors at 7:30, show at 8
Cover: $10

Address: 7 South Blair, Madison WI, 53703
Contact: 608-255-0511


Venue: Sugar Maple
Time: 9pm
Cover: $5 suggested donation

Address: 441 E. Lincoln Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53224
Contact: 414-481-2393


Venue: Elastic Sound and Vision Gallery
Time: 9pm
Cover: $8

Address: 2830 N. Milwaukee, 2nd Fl., Chicago IL 60618
Contact: 773-772-3616

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