JI Bloom Rubato at Cornelia St. Cafe

Soprano saxophonist/composer Jane Ira Bloom likes to stretch the tempo especially when it comes to ballads. She returns to Cornelia St Café on Sunday, January, 29th with bandmates Dominic Fallacaro piano, Dean Johnson bass, and drummer Gerard Faroux to perform American songbook standards and Bloom originals. Long known for the intense lyricism, breath and allure of her saxophone sound, Bloom has put together an evening that showcases what she does best - playing slow and rubato.

One of the most original and creative saxophonists in jazz today.
- Wilbert Sostre, All About Jazz

Bloom never wastes a note; she's to-the-point, but still poetic and spontaneous. Her improvisations…have those qualities of inevitability and surprise that mark the best jazz solos.
- Ed Hazel, Point of Departure

Some of the most beautiful sounds ever drawn out of a soprano saxophone.
- David Beckett/ La Scena Musical

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