Jamaican Singer and producer Winston Riley has died

Singer and producer 65 year old Winston Riley died on Thursday evening at the University Hospital of the West Indies. Winston succumbed to injuries he received when he was shot in the head at his St Andrew home in November of last year, by gunmen. Police have yet to find any motives or suspect regarding the incident.

According to his son Kurt Riley, a disk jockey on Jamaica's FAME FM radio, Riley had spent the past two and a half months comatose while in hospital.
In 1964, at age 16, Riley founded harmony group, "The Techniques", which recorded for pioneer producer Arthur "Duke" Reid.

He later gained fame for producing songs such as "Double Barrel" by Dave Barker and Ansell Collins, Ring The Alarm by Tenor and creating the popular Stalag rhythm which has provided the music foundation for an estimated 400 songs

He went on to work with reggae acts such as Boris Gardiner and Johnny Osbourne . Riley helped launch the careers of Buju Banton, Lone Ranger, Frankie Paul, Red Dragon, Cutty Rank, Admiral Tibet and Courtney Melody

A favorite song of many Jamaicans "Boops" (sugar daddy) by DJ Super Cat, was produced by Winston

Riley established a museum dedicated to the history of Jamaican pop music in downtown Kingston.

He is survived by several children and grandchildren

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