Radha Botofasina Sings The Spirituals

Radha Botofasina releases her latest musical offering, "The Spirituals" that is sure to capture your attention from the very start. She is no stranger nor is she a rookie when it comes to music. Not only is she a vocalist but also plays the piano and the harp. Her career began in the mid-1970s as the leader of a Jazz band in New York City. She has traveled the world over sharing her gift; from the Caribbean to India, and is loved wherever she goes. Not only does she sing in English, but other languages as well…not bad for this Afro-Cuban American artist.

"The Spirituals" is a collection of classic African American folk songs. "These songs transcend cultures; they are sincere and uplifting, and carry an energy that opens the hearts of the listeners, " Botofasina said. Traditional spirituals contributed to most forms of modern American music, ranging from blues and ragtime to rap.

"The Spirituals" has fourteen tracks including songs such as: Calvary, Deep River, Every time I feel The Spirit, Motherless Child and other heartfelt songs that takes you way back before most of us were even born, but Radha truly delivers these classic songs with such eloquence and class, she places her own stamp on every one.

Her first effort in the genre, the recording is the result of nearly four years of studying music created more than 400 hundred years ago by Africans who were brought to America against their will, Botofasina said. She recently completed a senior thesis on the subject for Goddard College in Plainfield, VT.

Botofasina is truly intoned with her roots and culture and this album shows that she is very comfortable with herself and the music.

"Radha has very long roots in jazz, as well as classical and spiritual music. She's extremely diverse, " said Westlake Village resident Carole Wilson, who has known Botofasina for 20 years.

In addition to creating beautiful music, Radha also lectures and gives master classes and workshops on vocal techniques, in schools and colleges throughout the world.

James Shifflett produced "The Spirituals". John Lehman is featured on piano and collaborated with Radha on the musical arrangements. The project also features some of the most gifted musicians including Charles Neville on Alto Sax and David Crawford on Flute, Surya Botofasina on synthesizer bass. In addition, Radha's husband, S. Tony Reyes, John P. Henderson, Mirabai Henderson, Leon and Patricia Sylvers, The Waters are heard on Who'll be a Witness, Yvonne Pierce and John Lehman all provide background vocals on the project.

Radha shines brightly on this collection of songs as she takes you down memory lane in an uncompromising way, with divine melodies and a heartfelt delivery on each song. "The Spirituals" will go down in history as one of the best collections of Negro Spirituals ever recorded…period!

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