Ben Allison: 'Master Of Logical Labyrinths'

The release of 'Little Things Run The World' on January 22nd, 2008 (Palmetto Records) promises to introduce bassist, producer, composer and arranger Ben Allison to his largest audience yet. Called "one of today's best young jazz musicians" by the Boston Globe, Allison is a "visionary composer, adventurous improviser, and strong organizational force [and] has emerged as a rising star over the past decade" (Jazz Times).

On 'Little Things Run The World, ' Allison pushes the boundaries once again this time with a cinematic, rock-meets-Americana sound that defies easy classification.

Allison and his band "Man Size Safe" blend the borders of rock and jazz with six of the bassist's new original compositions plus guitarist Steve Cardenas' "Language of Love" and a rendition of John Lennon's "Jealous Guy." Pieces such as the title track and "Respiration" reveal Allison's adventurous writing, colorful melodic voicings, hypnotic grooves and a remarkable ensemble. The band mixes joyous exuberance and good-humored irreverence with textured grooves and an occasional political jab.

"I've been experimenting with fusing American rock, folk, and jazz elements into a cinematic whole for some time", explains Allison. " 'Little Things Run The World' represents a fuller realization of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic concepts I've been pursuing over the past several years."

Allison demonstrated his forward-thinking vision and hands-on approach to his craft when he formed the Jazz Composers Collective at age twenty-five, a NY based musician-run, non-profit organization dedicated to constructing an environment where artists can explore and create new music. He has written music for film, national television and radio, including the theme for the National Public Radio (NPR) show On the Media and the score for Two Days, a play written by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Donald Margulies.

'Little Things Run The World' features Ben Allison (bass); Michael Sarin (drums); Steve Cardenas (guitar); Ron Horton (trumpet); and Michael Blake (sax on selected tracks). Palmetto Records will sell 'Little Things Run The World' CDs and mp3s exclusively on their web site ( starting December 4th, 2007.

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