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RANI SINGAM :: With A Song In My Heart
by Ron Sagye La Rue

At various times the question is asked: Where is Jazz going?
Seldom asked is: Where's it coming from? One place is Singapore
Southeast Asia,and Rani Singam is one of its voices.A lawyer turned
singer,debuts "With A Song In My Heart" a collection of ten stand-
dards. Mostly ballads "Just Squeeze Me", "You Go to My Head" which
has a nice saxophone solo by Greg Fishman. "Sometime Ago" is one of
the best tracks on the CD. And its good that Singam sings ballads
because her up tempo numbers don't really grab you. "Moon River"
she's shines with smoothness there is a gospel "I Wish I knew How
It Would Feel To Be Free" with an Organ doesn't fit the program.

Throughout the CD Singam is backed by Jeremy Monteiro,piano;
Belinda Moody,bass;Shawn Kelly,drums. The same musicians on label
mate Anne Weerapass CD. One aspect of Singam I like is how she
eases into one phrase from another, connecting her ballads she
brings the listerner along telling the stories of these songs.

Mohammed Noor is percussionist on some tracks,Ron Feuer is the
Organist on the Gospel track. More info. bookings@ranisingam.com

published 08.11.2010 2005 jazz news :: home page