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ANNE WEERAPASS :: Out Of Nowhere
by Ron Sagye La Rue

Anne Weerapass is a wonderful singer! Although her name may not
light up your eyes,but her voice sure will soothe your ears.And
the classics she sings on "Out Of Nowhere"(Jazznote)her debut CD
you know. The title song,"The Way You Look Tonight,Night&Day--
ten songs that you'll love the way Anne interprets these well-
know sonic pieces of art. Anne puts you in a night club "feeling"
very relaxing and comfortable like a cashmere sweater;warm and
cozy. She exudes beauty through her delivery,check out "Close Your
Eyes" this has to be the most beautiful song on the disc. Its only
4:02 minutes long,but its so gorgeously done! I personally played
it six times consecutively.

Anne's supporting musicians: Jeremy Monteiro,piano;Belinda Moody,
double bass;Shawn Kelley,drums;Mr. Saxman Koh,Saxophones and Moh
hammed Noor,percussion are just excellent. Anne couldn't by bet-
ter musicians for this date. Back to "Close Your Eyes" Koh's so
prano is exquisite a thing of beauty. The soprano has a tendency
to get out-of-tune but not here/hear! You don't see/hear to many
female bassits(acoustic)she has a tremendous sound that she gets.

Jeremy Monteiro is a world-class pianist this CD deserves much
listening too. Anne is a wonderful singer as I said earlier,and
"Out Of Nowhere" proves it. www.jazznote.net

published 28.10.2010 2005 jazz news :: home page