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WILLIAM PARKER :: Who Owns Music? notes from a spiritual journey
by Ron Sagye La Rue

William Parker: Who Owns Music?
Publisher:Renate Da Rin
Pages: 138, Photos,Illustrations

William Parker is not just an astounding(bass violinist) musician.
Whose performed with Cecil Taylor,Roscoe Mitchell,Charles Tyler,
Jason Hwang,Hamid Drake among others. Parker is a poet,philosopher,
and keen observer of society;all this and more is documented in Who
Owns Music? A fascinating,illuminating book with excellent black
and white photos. Parker poses many questions to society and offers
some answers,his poems are thought provoking. They make you stop
think,and ask questions. He speaks about many musicians the death
of Albert Ayler,Jimmy Garrison(one of his teachers),Alan Silva,
Peter Kowald etc. There is a very interesting section on Education
on page 50. Who Owns Music? contains numerous illustrations,music
examples,and on page 99, Parker talks about the mechanics of play-
ing the bass. This tome is autobiographical he discusses his early
life in New York,listening at 16 years old to the music his father
played Duke Ellington,Count Basie, Ben Webster. Then MJQ,Coltrane
Ornette etc.

There's a spiritual connection to Parker's thinking and writing
that reminds this writer of Alice Coltrane's in the 1970s. There
is an Asian word "Rei-Do" which means "spirit movement",natural
"Rei-Do" we have no rigidity,no ego, so we are healthy.

Everyone surely can find something in "Who Own's Music? to add
to his/her life. I wish that all intellectuals and world leaders
could particularly read entry 37 on page 85-86. Thank you Renate
Da Rin for publishing this book, and William Parker for writing it
maybe it could save humanity. More info at www.buddysknife.de

published 27.10.2010 2005 jazz news :: home page